ZuBlu is a travel platform providing scuba divers and marine-enthusiasts with a simple yet intuitive way to discover and book exciting experiences across Asia. The website marries a powerful search tool with an exciting range of dive destinations and eco-friendly resorts and operators, putting the power of discovery and choice into the hands of ZuBlu’s guests.

We’re thrilled to announce that ZuBlu has become a Symbiotic Partner of The Reef-World Foundation, the international coordinators of the Green Fins initiative. This collaboration aims to change diving and snorkelling tourist’s behaviour and attitude towards coral reefs and the marine environment. The dive starts at home; every decision we make in the planning of our holidays can make a difference for the marine environment. ZuBlu and Reef-World are working together so that environmental considerations can be taken to reduce impact on coral reefs from the very early stages of the dive planning process.

Photo courtesy of ZuBlu

Photo courtesy of ZuBlu

Divers booking through ZuBlu already have access to information on the sustainability practices and conservation projects run by their featured resorts, ensuring that they are able to be agents of change for the environment through their consumer choices. Under this new partnership, guests will also receive the tools to dive even deeper; not just driving sustainability through purchasing power but also by understanding what behaviours and individual actions they can do through Green Fins messaging. By choosing sustainable providers and adopting environmental best practice in the water, divers do even more to protect the dive sites they enjoy.

This partnership with The Reef-World Foundation is also set to support the financial sustainability of the Green Fins initiative – guests booking with a Green Fins member through ZuBlu will be given the option to donate, and these donations will be matched by ZuBlu. In addition, new updates to the platform in early Q1 2019 will allow users, in their quest to find an incredible yet sustainable underwater adventure, to filter their search results solely on Green Fins.

ZuBlu joins a growing number of conscious and committed companies that are partnering with Reef-World and prove that business and environmental stewardship can be mutually beneficial. They are leading the way to a future where sustainable diving is the social norm, protecting reefs for future dives and generations to come.

Photo courtesy of ZuBlu

Photo courtesy of ZuBlu

For more information contact Klementina Dukoska (klementina@reef-world.org) and Adam Broadbent (adam@zubludiving.com)


 About Reef-World

The Reef-World Foundation is a UK registered charity that operates internationally to support governments and communities in sustainable consumption and production of coastal resources and marine life. Reef-World are a technical implementing agency of the UN Environment for the Green Fins initiative, which focuses on driving environmentally friendly SCUBA diving and snorkelling practices across the industry globally.

Green Fins is a proven approach to reduce the threats and pressures from the SCUBA diving and snorkelling industry such as anchoring, chemical pollution and diver damage to coral reefs through providing training and tools to the businesses who are in a position to act. Look for the Green Fins logo when booking your next dive trip and visit www.greenfins.net and www.reef-world.org to learn more.


About ZuBlu

ZuBlu is a new dive travel platform that puts the power of discovery and choice into the hands of its guests. With its unique species search tool, up-to-date and accurate information and a commitment to conserving the marine environment, ZuBlu aims to become the leading dive travel agency for destinations in Asia and create positive change in the destinations featured on the ZuBlu platform. Discover and book your diving adventure at www.zubludiving.com now.