Our staff are experienced and driven individuals who excel at networking and empowering those who are in a position to act to make change.

Chloë Harvey
Programmes Manager

Favourite marine critter: The Wunderpus Octopus (Wunderpus photogenicus)


Chloë has been leading Reef-World’s fundraising efforts, international strategy and conservation programmes since 2008. She has a First Class degree with honours in Marine Biology from the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (2005) and has been a keen diver since the age of 12. She is a qualified BSAC Assistant Instructor and spent most of her teenage years enjoying the sights and sounds of the underwater world around the UK coast.

Alongside JJ (her husband and Reef-World’s Operation Manager), Chloë has led the international development of Green Fins since 2008 under the direction of UNEP. Following in the footsteps of Reef-World’s founder Anne Paranjoti, Chloë has absorbed the Reef-World “to inspire and empower” philosophy and blended this with her scientific nature to drive the Green Fins management and training systems towards the practical approach it is today delivering tangible results across SE Asia.

She has been involved in establishing, capacity building, and implementation of Green Fins within the government and private sectors in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Maldives and Vietnam.

Chloë believes that education is her most powerful tool to save our coral reefs. She feels that we all choose to do things because of how we've been brought up, the experiences we've had and the lessons we've been taught. The Reef-World recipe is simple; provide people with knowledge to inspire change and match this with simple tools and guidance to practical solutions to instigate behavioural changes, the result; people taking meaningful and lasting action for environmental protection. 

Chloë can be contacted directly at chloe@reef-world.org


James J. Harvey
Operations Manager

Favourite marine critter: Blue Ringed Octopus (Hapalochlaena lunulata)


As Operations Manager at Reef-World, JJ has led the development of Green Fins across seven South East Asian countries since 2008 training national governments and NGO's to manage the initiative. Today, Green Fins is a globally recognised approach for managing sustainable diving activities internationally with a proven conservation impact.

He is also a marine biologist and Divemaster with over 10 years’ experience working in tropical marine environments. This combined background provides a scientific and balanced approach to training, helping to educate those in a position to act and explain how and why it is important to reduce threats to marine ecosystems. JJ has worked closely with national governments, the private sector and international agencies to achieve successful outcomes that are meaningful to all stakeholders.

JJ enjoys the everyday challenges of his work, specifically working alongside complex social and industry dynamics and the varied environments and cultures that he’s exposed to. He believes that nobody wants to harm the very environment we rely on to survive, and that by investing in the education of key people, Reef-World can achieve conservation impact on the ground and on the reefs.

He also brings to the team a fantastic knowledge of the opportunities of IT and the power the on-line community can bring to Reef-World, its projects and partners and continues to make our work more accessible to everyone, everywhere. 

JJ can be contacted at jj@reef-world.org

Samantha Craven
Project Manager

Favourite Marine Critter: Harlequin Shrimp (Hymenocera picta)


Sam read marine biology at the University of Plymouth, graduating with a First class honours degree (2006) and achieving a distinction in her Masters in Applied Marine Science (2007). Working as a field biologist and project manager, Sam got years of experience leading teams and teaching biology and conservation issues from ridge to reef in Singapore and Malaysia. In 2011, Sam decided to pursue a career more tightly focused on Conservation and moved to her mother’s homeland, the Philippines. Sam found her professional home in Reef-World in 2012 and continues to seek professional development. In 2016, she was selected as a Kinship Conservation Fellow. 

The majority of Sam’s time entails managing our field team, and working with the Green Fins initiative with a focus on the Philippines. Sam has trained and managed teams of Green Fins assessors, local NGOs and local champions to great success at sites all over the Philippines, and coordinates with our National and Regional Government partners to implement Green Fins. In addition, she adds to the communications and social media development, having built a substantial following of her marine biology and conservation awareness blog, Mad as a Marine Biologist. 

Having witnessed first-hand the degradation of marine resources and dived some of the best coral reefs in the Philippines and neighbouring countries in the Asia-Pacific region, she stands firm in her belief that with the right information and tools, communities all over the region can have significant, positive effects on their coastal habitats. 

She can be contacted directly at sam@reef-world.org

Alan Kavanagh
Project Coordinator

Favourite marine critter: Juvenile Black Spot Sea Cucumber (Pearsonothuria graeffei)


With an academic background in marine biology, conservation and protected area management, Alan became an energetic and integral part of the Reef-World team during 2014 following previous work in the Philippines on the Green Fins initiative and coral monitoring surveys in Southern Leyte.

Guided by his enthusiasm for science and conservation impact, Alan leads the design and collation of socio-economic and ecological surveys to monitor the environmental impact of the UNEP initiative, Green Fins. He is doing this in collaboration with Bangor University and has published findings on the impacts of diver behaviour on coral reefs. Alan also assists in the implementation of the Green Fins approach across the Philippines, Viet Nam and the Maldives working with national Green Fins teams, local governments, and private stakeholders.

Alan is very passionate about working at the grass roots level and draws on his previous experiences of the ecotourism industry in Tobago, local fisheries management in the UK, and environmental education to gain the most from local communities. Thriving on a challenge, Alan enjoys working to inspire and empower all members of the community and believes that everyone has the ability to act sustainably when provided with the right tools, knowledge and motivation to do so.


He can be contacted directly at alan@reef-world.org


Charlie Wiseman
Project Coordinator (Administrator)

Favourite marine critter: Leatherback Sea Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea)


Charlie joined Reef-World in 2015 and has since helped coordinate the Green Fins approach to sustainable diving and snorkelling at various locations throughout the Philippines. As administrator she has several logistical roles supporting staff and volunteers to deliver education and research initiatives, and a passion for building partnerships with local project stakeholders.

Living and studying in the UK until she graduated from Newcastle University with a BSc in Marine Zoology and an MSc in Tropical Coastal Management, Charlie decided to abandon galoshes and ragworms to work in coral reef conservation. She has since worked in sea turtle conservation and ecotourism in the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia; obtained her PADI Divemaster; assisted the DEFRA funded project “Understanding and addressing the impact of threats to marine ecosystems/biodiversity in the UK Overseas Territories in the Caribbean”; and moved to the Philippines in 2014 to work alongside the government and NGO’s to monitor Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s) in Southern Leyte.

Working with The Reef-World Foundation gives her sense of inspiration and hope for the delicate future of coral reefs and their captivating coastal communities.

She can be contacted directly at charlie@reef-world.org

Juliana Corrales
Project Coordinator (Design and Communication)

Favourite marine critter: Oceanic whitetip shark (Carcharhinus longimanus)


Juliana has developed her professional career up until this point in communications, specially focused on graphic design, graduating with a First class honours degree in 2010 in Advertising Design at Universidad Véritas, San José, Costa Rica. In addition to her creative vein she has always been passionate about the marine environment, leading to the completion of a Masters degree in Environment, Development and Peace with an emphasis in Sustainable Natural Resource Management at the UN mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica. She has experience working within the diving industry in Costa Rica and has a keen enthusiasm to combine her design and communication skills with marine conservation to enable her to address problems from another perspective.

Juliana seeks to orient her professional career towards a conscious interaction and a fairer relationship, based on mutual respect, between humans and nature. She’s eager to develop campaigns that will impact local communities in order to shift people’s thought and awareness. Helping to build a better understanding for those that live in a constant interaction with the marine environment. She is looking forward to the creation of new projects to change the course of the marine environment, put her creativity and enthusiasm at society’s service to protect life and what sustains it. 

She can be contacted directly at juliana@reef-world.org